“We feel we’re part of a big family” or “Here, we’re treated as family” are comments often made by patients, employees and physicians working at Trad Hospital. We thrive to keep it that way.
of our physicians have received advanced specialty training abroad
surgical procedures performed annually in the 7 operations rooms
outpatient visits

Your stay at the hospital

Planning to deliver your baby or to undergo a procedure at Trad Hospital? Our goal is to make it a safe and pleasant experience. Every time.
Our Rooms
Food & Housekeeping
Interventions & Critical Care
Outpatient Clinics
Laboratory & Testing

Your outpatient visit

Visit your doctor. Get your tests done on site. Check your results online. It’s that easy.

Open 24/7
Emergency & Clinical Care

A modern emergency room operating round the clock with specialized on-call physicians, and 24 hour laboratory and radiology support.

Our staff

Trad Hospital employs over 248 full time employees. They all have been selected for their educational background and training, their experience, and their growth potential.

Trad  Hospital was and will always be my second home. It is such an honor to be a part of this... Read More

Trad Hospital is an equal opportunity employer.

We recruit and retain our staff based on merit and loyalty, without gender or religious discrimination. Our employees originate from all regions of Lebanon, with an equal representation of all religious communities.
of Trad Hospital's 248 employees are women
As a patient at Trad Hospital, you have rights and responsibilities.
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Patient Rights